Best food plastic containers grade quality 

Plastic containers have been in our lives for many years now. To find the best food utensil, we need to pay attention to its grade quality and used materials. We started to use plastic products when we found out about their advantages compared to other materials like paper, glass, and metal.

We have tried to form and shape different materials into figures that we desired and need. Troglodytes were used to shape stones into some types of bowls and use them. The innovative plastic industry made all types of tools, utensils, and kitchen and houseware manufacturing much easier.

Plastic containers are available in multiple materials. Different materials have different attributes, so the best container depends on your requirement applicant. Food containers safely have their special sensitivity so the health agencies pay a much closer look at their grade quality and raw materials.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is the most common and popular material to use for containers, bottles, tables, and kitchen utensils. PET-made plastic food-related products are safe to use because they won’t leak any substance into the food.

Also, they cost much less compared to other materials. As for PET’s other benefits we can mention its lightweight, hit resistance, and corrosion resistance. The most known PET products are water bottles, different types of jars, snack packs, soda bottles, bakery ware, etc.

CPET (Crystallizable Polyethylene Terephthalate) is more hardened PET. CPET-made products are more resistant to impact, more flexible, and suitable to be used in high temperatures. Most of the fast-food and dinner plastic trays are CPET. In order to make these types of plastic products, they have to put them under more pressure and heat compared to PET products.

CPET-made products can withstand high temperatures so they are suitable products to use inside ovens and microwaves. Due to their attributes, CPET products are completely safe to use for food substances. CPET-made plastic products won’t leak any toxic materials into the food substance while being heated in an oven and microwave. The plastic cover that is being used for ready-to-eat meals is CPET as well.

PP (Polypropylene) plastic is more durable and heat resistant compared to two previous plastic types. Most durable plastic products like pill bottles, some kitchen utensils, plastic garden tools, and car plastic parts are made of PP plastic material.

The food products that are using PP plastic containers are yogurt, ready-to-eat meals, creams, Vacuum Skin Packages (VSP), and many other products. The packing method is essential in preserving food substances.

Vacuum skin packaging or VSP is a method that increases the spoilable product’s shelf-life. This method requires PP plastic to cover and preserve the food substance.

This method is very applicable for protein products and ready-to-eat meals. In the VSP method, the food substances will be placed inside a plastic container (PP) and covered inside a thin plastic cover thoroughly. Then the air inside the package will be drawn out via a vacuum machine.

The remaining air inside the packages is a major rotting accelerator. Many bacteria that are responsible for exploiting the food substances are active in that space between the product and container. By removing that additional air, the shelf- life of the packed product can be increased considerably.

Safe plastic food containers

PET, CPET and PP are not the only safe materials for plastic containers. Plastic films are another type of materials used in plastic containers to preserve and packing food substances.

Plastic films have a similar look to film rolls that is why it is named after it. To name some of the plastic films products we can mention stand up pouches, dry cleaning bags, bread packs, and zip-top. The plastic films can be used are being used as covers in products like bathroom tissue, paper plates, napkins, diapers and etc.

Plastic films are light-weighted and can protect the food substances from contamination. Advertising and showing the name of the company is important for any brand. So print the name and details about the company can be a great help for this cause. Brands can print their needed information or logo on the Plastic films easily.

LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) is the most valuable type of plastic films. This material is the highly flexible, soft, tearing, resistant to hits, humidity and chemical substances. It is being commonly used for compressed food packages, bread packs, and hard flexible containers.

LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) is similar to LDPE, though its flexibility, durability and heat resistance has been increased. This material is applicant in many industries products like drinks, bottle caps and shrink wraps.

ULDPE (Ultra Low-Density Polyethylene) is thinner than previews materials. Due to its thin structure, ULDPE shows less resistance to heat and squeeze and flexing. Though it is still have suitable resistance to tearing. ULDPE is being used for disposable and non-disposable containers for meals, meat, coffee, ham and cheese.

HDPE (High-density polyethylene) highly durable and in a firm shape. The HDPE containers are being used for packing food substances. Due to its firm structure, HDPE plastic containers show lesser flexibility. HDPE plastic containers are non-disposable and are being used as a bottle for drinks like milk, water, juice and container for products like butter, cheese, cream, cereals, salad etc.

Are old plastic containers safe

The safety of old plastic containers depends on their materials. New plastic containers are safe since the raw materials that is being used for it are BPA free. So the main factor in recognizing that if the plastic container is safe depends on the existing of BPA in that product. Older version of plastic containers were made in less considering methods with some of toxic raw materials.

But these days after many studies and evaluations, the health inspections have made some rules and necessities for manufacturing plastic food related containers. BPA inside plastic containers, bottles and cups can leak toxic materials inside the food substance while being heated.

So the new methods and materials have resolved the issue and offers new ways to manufacture our favorite plastic products in safe ways. New plastic products are completely safe to be used in ovens and microwaves under high temperatures.

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